French Scientific Committee on Desertification

Comité Scientifique Français de la Désertification

Publication of a new CSFD topical issue on Land degradation Neutrality

Published in 2016
Auteur(s) : Aronson James, Amsallem Isabelle, Bernoux Martial, Bied-Charreton Marc, Bonnet Bernard, Cornet Antoine, Escadafal Richard, Hiernaux Pierre, Loireau Maud, Requier-Desjardins Mélanie

Land degradation is an obstacle to sustainable development due to its impact on the environment, food security, agroecosystem service provision and people’s livelihoods. It is a combined local, regional and global problem that—in addition to drylands—affects areas worldwide. A global concerted effort is thus needed to halt and reverse this phenomenon. The land degradation neutrality concept has emerged to mobilize the international community to cope with the issue.

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