French Scientific Committee on Desertification

Comité Scientifique Français de la Désertification
Isabelle Amsallem - Membre du CSFD

Amsallem Isabelle

Science writer & editor & translator / Tropical Agronomy Engineer / Plant biologist – Agropolis Productions (Montpellier, France)

Main activities

Since 2003, I’ve been working with CSFD as:

Science writer and editor of the series Les dossiers thématiques du CSFD and Les Fiches thématiques du CSFD (editorial follow-up, author coordination, iconography, rewriting, graphic designer and translator coordination, etc.), institutional writing (leaflet…), etc.

Support for several CSFD activities in partnership with AFD, FGEF and MAE: Local impact indicators for projects to combat land degradation and desertification (2009 – current); drafting of the French national report on activities in combating desertification, land degradation and drought for UNCCD (2010 & 2012), etc.

(Co-)author of the following CSFD document(s)
2020 - Dossier thématique
- N° 13