The African Great Green Wall project: what advice can scientists provide?

Building a ‘Great Green Wall’ across the Sahel has been recognized as a powerful political slogan to strengthen the fight against desertification, but how can scientists help in such an endeavor? This is the question the special issue of “Dossiers du CSFD” tempted to answer in October 2011. As part of our mandate to synthesize […]

CSFD announces the publication of the “Dossier thématique” on Pastoralism in drylands…

This dossier reviews sub-Saharan pastoral systems, their relevance and roles as well as existing interactions between pastoralism and natural resources. This dossier also considers economic and ecological challenges pastoralism is facing. Authors are: Bernard Toutain (agropastoralist, CIRAD), André Marty (sociopastoralist, IRAM), André Bourgeot (anthropologist, CNRS), Alexandre Ickowicz (livestock scientist, CIRAD) and Philippe Lhoste (livestock scientist, […]