French Scientific Committee on Desertification

Comité Scientifique Français de la Désertification

The African Great Green Wall project : publication of a new CSFD Topic Brief

The African Great Green Wall initiative has reopened discussions on this concept, its significance with respect to combating desertification, as well as its effectiveness and cost. Based on fragmentary knowledge culled from sometimes very early experience, the scientific community, civil society organization and the media have focused on the situation and issued public criticisms and […]

The French Scientific Committee on Desertification at UNCCD COP14

Jean-Luc Chotte, a CSFD member, will be part of the French delegation, in order to give scientific advice to the negotiators. He will also participate to several side events, one of which being dedicated to gender issues in drylands. Jean-Luc Chotte will also be present at the COP as a member of the Science-Policy Interface […]

Desertif’actions 2019: near 400 actors in combating desertification met in Burkina Faso

The 4th international civil society Summit (Desertif’actions, D’a19) was held for the first time in Africa (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) from 19 to 22 June 2019. It gathered 380 actors from 230 organizations from all around the world (40 countries) (local communities, NGOs, scientists, local authorities, international organizations, etc.) in order to debate and share their […]

Publication of a new dossier dedicated to desertification monitoring by remote sensing

This Dossier begins with a presentation of a few physics concepts that are essential for understanding remote sensing, and a description of the main parameters that can be monitored by satellite. Several recent examples regarding the various possible uses of satellite images for the purpose of combating desertification are then proposed. The Dossier concludes by […]

Publication of “Ecological engineering for sustainable agriculture in arid and semiarid West african regions”

Based on the authors’ and contributors’ experience, West Africa is focused on to illustrate the ecological intensification to agricultural production in the broad sense. Examples from non-African tropical dryland areas worldwide are also discussed to illustrate the potential of agroecological engineering to sustainable land management and therefore to the fight against desertification. Dominique Masse (Agronomy-Ecology, […]

Publication of a new CSFD topical issue on Land degradation Neutrality

This CSFD factsheet reviews the concept of “land degradation neutrality” (LDN): operational and socioeconomic aspects, governance, stakeholders, implementation, risks, etc. A French version is also available. Land degradation is an obstacle to sustainable development due to its impact on the environment, food security, agroecosystem service provision and people’s livelihoods. It is a combined local, regional […]

The African Great Green Wall project: what advice can scientists provide?

Building a ‘Great Green Wall’ across the Sahel has been recognized as a powerful political slogan to strengthen the fight against desertification, but how can scientists help in such an endeavor? This is the question the special issue of “Dossiers du CSFD” tempted to answer in October 2011. As part of our mandate to synthesize […]

CSFD announces the publication of the “Dossier thématique” on Pastoralism in drylands…

This dossier reviews sub-Saharan pastoral systems, their relevance and roles as well as existing interactions between pastoralism and natural resources. This dossier also considers economic and ecological challenges pastoralism is facing. Authors are: Bernard Toutain (agropastoralist, CIRAD), André Marty (sociopastoralist, IRAM), André Bourgeot (anthropologist, CNRS), Alexandre Ickowicz (livestock scientist, CIRAD) and Philippe Lhoste (livestock scientist, […]