French Scientific Committee on Desertification

Comité Scientifique Français de la Désertification
eric scopel

Scopel Éric

Ecological engineering, CIRAD (France).

Main activities

Main activitiesI am interested in the functioning of agroecological cropping systems with plant cover in tropical environments. I am studying the mechanisms governing the dynamics and efficiency of trophic resources in the presence of a living or dead organic cover in order to characterise the long-term consequences of the application of such systems on available natural resources.

I am studying the agronomic consequences of these systems both on the short- and long-term productivity of the crops grown and on the technical and economic performance of the farms.

I also analyse how these systems are adopted by different types of producers under different conditions.

Last but not least, I am working on participatory methods for the design and multi-criteria evaluation of agroecological systems.

(Co-)author of the following CSFD document(s)